Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I grew up watching my mom make wedding cakes and professional birthday cakes, so of course I have made a few off and on in my life.  I decided to try my hand at making a "topsy-turvy" cake for my soon-to-be cousin's bridal shower.  And I learned a few things.  1) Give yourself PLENTY of time, just in case.  2) Make sure your frosting is just the right consistency.  3)  Freeze the daggone cakes before trying to frost, because if you don't, they WILL fall apart.


As you can see, got the layers frosted and put together just fine.  Even got the whole thing trimmed just how I wanted it to be.

And then, when attempting to frost the newly-trimmed cake...it decided to desintegrate.  I could have cried.  But, I kept my cool, and decided to attempt making "cake truffles."  A coworker brings them in regularly and everyone loves them.  As all this happened two days before the shower, I figured I had the time to make another cake, if need be, but that I should at least attempt to use up all the cake I had by making the truffles.

How do you make cake truffles?  Well, you take a cake that has desintegrated, with all the frosting you have made, and stir the hell out of it until it becomes a big blob.  Then you have to chill it thoroughly so the "dough" can be rolled into balls.  If you run a high body temp, like me, enlist the help of someone who runs a cooler temp to avoid making the newly-chilled dough into a sticky mess (thanks, Mom!)

After the truffles have chilled, dip them in chocolate and place on wax paper to harden.  I used Ghiradelli chocolate chips.  I've also had them dipped in candy coating, but I think the chocolate was better.  (shocking)  After they had completely cooled, I melted some white candy coating chips, colored it with frosting dye, and drizzled it on the truffles. 

As you can see by the picture, it turned out beautiful, and everyone LOVED it.  When life gives you cake crumbs, make cake truffles! 

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