Friday, January 28, 2011

Spaghetti vs. Exhaustion

E:  Hey Food Geek, it' me, Exhaustion!

me:  Hello old friend, how are ya?

E: Meh, not bad.  Better than you, judging by those bags under your eyes.

me:  Shut it.

E:  Aww, now c'mon.  Don't be like that.  Make it easy for yourself, just go grab some McD's and call it a night.

me:  Now that's just WRONG!

E:  You know you want it.

me:  Whatever.  You forgot about my mad skills.

E:  What?

me:  Homemade meatballs, in the freezer, just WAITING for the day you come knocking.  Add a little spaghetti, some Prego...

E:  HA HA, SLACKER!!!!  The Food Geek is using JARRED sauce???

me:  It's easy, and it's my favorite.

E:  Stupid American, Italians over the world are weeping.

me:  Yeah, well, when they can make a sauerbraten like me, we'll talk.

E:  But...

me:  AS I WAS SAYING...add a little Prego (Garlic and Herb flavor, if you please), crack open a bottle of red wine, and dinner is ready 15 minutes after walking in the door.

E:  (!!)

me:  Yeah, suck it up.


Moral of the story...use a weekend you're NOT exhausted to make a HUGE batch of homemade meatballs that you can toss in some sauce anytime.

Dinner is served.

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