Friday, October 9, 2009

Mexican in Louisville

I love Mexican food! What's not to love? Lots of cheese, a little spice, and tons of flavor. Louisville has many choices in this cuisine, and I'm not talking Tumbleweed. Many are small chains; however, the taste and quality can vary greatly among different locations with the same name. My all-time favorite, as evidenced by the fact that I held my rehearsal dinner there, is the El Nopal in Jeffersontown at the corner of Taylorsville and Watterson Trail. Do not be fooled by imitators. First of all, their chile rellano. It is the epitome of chile rellanos. A simple combination of poblano pepper, stuffed with chihuahua cheese, and dipped in a light egg batter and fried. The peppers are always just the right level of heat. I usually get the combo that includes the rellano, a burrito (always shredded beef, never ground), and a chalupa. Heaven on a plate.

But I've branched out and I am perfectly willing to give credit where credit is due. A few weeks ago, I visited the Los Aztecas in downtown Louisville at the corner of Main and Sixth. As I used to work downtown, I have frequented this establishment often, and was never really impressed. I must say, they have improved. Their margaritas were perfect and were available in three sizes, regular, medium, and Oh my dear Lord. :-) I had the medium and it was more than enough. Their queso was perfect, as was the guacamole. All of us got various basic entrees, and they were all just how they should be, tasty and piping hot.

My newest find is Fiesta Time on Chamberlain Lane. Once again, for the most part, pretty basic and a good Mexican fix. But the last time I was there I discovered their hidden gem. The grilled shrimp entree. Two skewers of perfectly grilled shrimp, seasoned lightly with garlic and salt, glazed with queso blanco; served alongside a pile of rice and their "Guacamole Mario." It's the Guacamole Mario that sent me over the top. A light, but decadent combination of avocado with chopped tomatoes, onions, and cilantro. They offer it on the appetizer menu, as well. Definitely worth any cost. As far as I could see, the only entree that included a serving of it was the grilled shrimp. Darn, guess that means I'll just have to eat more shrimp. Whatever will I do?

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